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Big Money Speaker® and co-author of Chicken Soup for The College Soul, James Malinchak Reveals....

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"Revealed: Big Money Speaker® Strategies so You Can Become a Big Money Speaker® in the College or Youth Market!"

Millionaire Blueprints
Featured in a 14-Page Article (& on the Cover) of the Prestigious Business Magazine, Millionaire Blueprints (April 2008 Issue)

James and Michael Jordan
James was one of only 100 guests to spend 4-days with Basketball legend Michael Jordan.

James Malinchak's College Speaking Success Boot Camp

From the Desk of: James Malinchak, Las Vegas, NV, USA
Subject: How To Become a Big Money Speaker® in the recession proof College and Youth Market

Dear Speaking Friend,

If you're not a Big Money Speaker® in the College/Youth market, then ...WHY AREN'T YOU?

My name is James Malinchak and you probably have never heard of me!

However, thousands of students and College Event Coordinators have heard of me because they pay me on average $4,000-$10,000 per campus to speak to their students…and many of them bring me back each year!

But don't let that fool you because it wasn't always like this...especially when I first started a few years ago. I won't BS you and tell you that the first year (or even the second) I did 100+ talks and earned a six-figure income.

My first year totals were a measly 2 talks (that's right…only 2!) and about a hundred dollars - barely enough for dinner and a movie after taxes.

So What Does This Have to Do With You?

Actually, a lot! Because…

I'm going to spill the beans and reveal everything I've learned over the past 15+ years to only a select few who are serious about making a six-figure income speaking at colleges.

I'll be spilling the beans on how I started from scratch and went from not knowing anything about the college speaking market, wasting countless hours and thousands of dollars to becoming a Big Money Speaker®.

In fact, I'm going to lay it out in a simple "a-b-c" format so you can

duplicate exactly what I've done while saving yourself an enormous

amount of time and money.


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Hi! I'm Jack Canfield and I just left James Malinchak's Boot Camp where I spoke to an audience of over 500 people. It was a phenomenal event and I recommend anybody who wants to take your life to the next level whether its personally or professionally work with Jim. He is just doing amazing work. James Malinchak's Boot Camps are fabulous. You're going to meet incredible people like yourselves who are really going for what they want in their life. The networking is phenomenal; the guest speakers are phenomenal and they hire people like me. What can I say? No seriously, really give yourself the opportunity to work with a master, a master speaker, a master marketer and a master facilitator of human growth and development. It's been fun for me and I know if you take advantage of it, it will be fun and also productive for you as well.

-Jack Canfield, co-creator of the Chicken Soup for the Soul (tm) Series, star of the movie The Secret, and author of the book The Success Principles, & his view of James Malinchak's Speaking Success Boot Camp.

"The ONLY Boot Camp You'll Ever Need!"

"If you come to this Boot Camp, it's the ONLY Boot Camp you'll ever need. I wish I had taken this 5 years ago because I would have absolutely exceeded what I have done in the last 5 years.

Absolutely, if you are going to attend one seminar, this Boot Camp is the one you NEED to attend!"

-Brendon Burchard
Author of Life's Golden Ticket

Listen to Alison


"Hi! I'm Alison Babb from GoodByeCorporateJob.com and I just want to say that we are about 3 days into James Malinchak's teleseminar, it is absolutely awesome. Oh my goodness! The content is just unbelievable, just unbelievable. You have to be here, you have to be here to grab all of this stuff. It is absolutely awesome. Show up."

-Alison Babb

Listen to George


"Hi! I'm George Campbell also known as Joe Malarkey and when James asked me to come and speak at his boot camp I was very excited because number one it's a speaking engagement but as it turned out this is the only event that I have ever spoken at that I came in 2 days early and stayed 1 day after because I wanted the information that he had here. And, I enjoy getting a speaking fee, but I earned way more than that in the information that I got. I cannot recommend it enough."

-George Campbell
The World's Worst Motivational Speaker

Listen to Dr. Jeff


"Hi! This is Dr. Jeff Hockings out of Palm Springs, California. I am here at the Glazer-Kennedy event where James Malinchak was just voted...there are 1200 people here and he was voted out of 80 finalists as the Marketer of the Year."

"I just wanted to give my recommendation and a testimonial about James. I actually was in James' higher level coaching program where I got more of James' time. I am telling with the direct response and what I have learned from James last year 3 of my businesses combined did over 2 million dollars and that is just from the stuff that I learned from James. I am telling you this guy knows his stuff."

"If you're looking for somebody that can show you how to grow your business, your speaking business, anything involved with business or entrepreneurship James is the guy. There are very few people that I endorse and I am telling you this guy has become a very good friend of mine not only because of the character that he has, but also because he has helped me put more money in my bank account. My wife likes that. My daughter likes that and I like that."

"If you're looking for somebody to help you grow your business and put more money into your bank account I can't think of a better guy than James Malinchak. Whatever he says to do, do it and it will be the most important thing that you've ever done in your life for your business."

-Dr. Jeff Hockings
Palm Springs, California

Listen to Mari


"Hello there. This is Mari Smith at MariSmith.com and I am a social media expert and I have the absolute honor and pleasure of being here at James Malinchak's Big Money Speaker Boot Camp. I tell you there are a lot of events out there and I certainly attend a lot and I speak at a lot, what James shows you is not just how to speak, but how to make a lot of money speaking and doing what you love in your niche and your passion. Do you know what's interesting? A lot of people just how you have a book in you, you have a speaker in you and James is the one to show you how to manifest that dream and realize your dreams as a speaker and as a very wealthy speaker so definitely check out his boot camps."

-Mari Smith

Listen to Mike


"Hey everybody! It is Mike Super standing with the one and only James Malinchak. I am here at the absolute best boot camp in the universe. You need to get here and let me tell you why. I'm a magician and this man amazes me. I do card tricks, but he changes lives so make sure you come to the boot camp with James Malinchak."

-Mike Super
Winner of NBC's Hit TV Show Phenomenon

Note: The average result is $0.00 because most people do not apply James' strategies and do not get off their 'assets.'

Why Would I Reveal Exactly How to Instantly Fill
Your Speaking Calendar With College Bookings
and Become a Big Money Speaker®?

The past few years I've received numerous calls and emails from speakers who've heard that I make lot of money speaking at colleges. I've always been willing to help anyone (I wish someone helped me when I started).

However, what began as a few speakers turned into many and it began consuming a lot of my business and personal time. I even started charging a $250 per hour consulting fee, thinking that if I charged a high fee, it would get them to leave me alone, thus freeing up my time. Wrong!

Out of frustration and time constraints, I was about to stop the consulting all-together. Although I felt terrible about not being able to share my unique strategies and techniques that I knew would instantly allow them to easily book numerous talks and make a lot of money, I just couldn't continue to take time away from my business and personal life.

Then, a speaker with whom I was consulting with said…

"Why don't you just put on a seminar and whoever is serious about speaking in the college market will attend and those who aren't serious won't waste your time anymore! Why don't you allow only a select few to attend, say maybe 3-5, and charge a higher registration fee? That way you can weed-out even more who aren't serious? And anyone who doesn't want to invest in themselves to attend and learn all of your great ideas…..you don't have to feel bad about not helping because if they aren't willing to invest in themselves by attending then they're probably not serious and are just wasting your time anyway! And, if you're willing to put on the seminar, make sure to mark me down as the first one to register!"

"But I haven't even decided what I would charge for something like this," I said.

"I don't care what the fee is," he replied, "Consider me there because I'm serious about speaking at colleges and you know more about it than anyone!"

"Okay," I said. "You've convinced me, I'll do it!"

You may be thinking,

"Okay James. This sounds really good, but I've heard other
speakers say there's no money in the college market."

My response is:

"I Laugh When Speakers Say
There's No Money Speaking at Colleges!"

I can't help but laugh when I hear speakers say there's no money in the college market…and for anyone who thinks that…I'M GLAD! That means there's more for me, and more for those I teach, to gobble-up!

Yes, there's money in the college market…A LOT OF IT! Here's why…

Almost every college requires each student to pay an "Activities Fee" when registering for classes each semester or year. Usually this fee is small, ranging from $20-$50 per student. One of its primary uses is for bringing bands, comedians, hypnotists, SPEAKERS and other events to their campus.

This $20-$50 fee doesn't seem like a lot, but remember most schools have thousands of students.
So let's play this out:

10,000 students x only a $20 activities fee = a potential $200,000 BUDGET!!

In addition, there are anywhere from 5-10 different departments at each college that have well-funded budgets to bring in speakers! They could be funded by grants, alumni donations, etc.

Although all of the money probably isn't used for activities, you can see the potential budgets for some of the schools. Some colleges have budgets larger than a lot of companies or associations.

Colleges will have these budgets every year because there will always be thousands and thousands of students going to college…..no matter how bad the economy may be! The college market is one of the most overlooked and lucrative speaking markets!

Again, I'M GLAD most speakers think there's no money in the college market!

(That's why most of the top college speakers end up coming to my Boot Camp)

"Top College Speaker Says It's the BEST!"

Rick Barnes

"This Boot Camp has been one of the BEST PROGRAMS I've been a part of since I started speaking! It gave me new money-making ideas, new thoughts and new things to plan for the future as I move forward with my career!”

-Rick Barnes (Fort Worth, TX)
One of America's Top College Speakers for the Fraternity & Sorority Market
(Performs 70+ College Talks a Year for High Fees)


Note: The average result is $0.00 because most people do not apply James' strategies and do not get off their 'assets.'

"Okay... it's time to cut to the chase!
Are you ready to stop wasting your time and money
and get your butt in gear so you can learn
how to Become a Big Money Speaker® in the untapped (and recession proof) College and Youth market?"

And I'll show you how - when you join me this July 14-17, 2016.

The Inside Secrets You'll Learn at This Boot Camp,
You'll Learn Nowhere Else…

Again, I'M GLAD most speakers think there's no money in the college market!

  • Who the Key People Are at Colleges That Book Speakers for Campuses and College Conferences. Yes, there are key people who do this...A LOT of them! You just need to know who they are...and you will!
  • How You Can Easily Reach All of the Key People Who Are Already Booking Speakers at Colleges. There are several organizations that you can buy the contact information from on mailing labels or computer disks. You just need to know who they are...and you will!
  • The 3 Best Times of Year for You to Contact These People.
    There are 3 times of the year when they are ready and eager to book speakers. Market to them during these three all-important times of the year and you can increase your chances of getting booked! Disregard them and you'll probably be like I was when I started...NO BOOKINGS...NO MONEY!
  • The Most Effective (and Cheapest) Way for You to Contact These Key People…so you don't waste time and money!
  • The 10+ Different Departments at Each College That Have Well-Funded Budgets That Can Book You to Speak.
  • Which College Conferences Have Showcasing Opportunities for You. Many of the attendees can and will book you on the spot.
  • How to potentially get 3-4 Other Colleges to "block-book" You When You're in Their Area…so you may get 3-4 speaking engagements when you take a trip.
  • How You Can Get Rebooked by the Same Colleges EVERY Year, Creating an Ongoing Income Stream. (It's not that difficult)
  • Putting Together the Correct Marketing Materials That Can Get You Noticed, Booked and Rebooked. Forget about putting together thick speaking packets, expensive demo videos and fancy press kits like certain speakers associations and, so called, speaker coaches teach you to do. You don't need them. I began talking to the Key College Event Coordinators, some by phone and some in person, and I asked them to tell me what they like to receive and don't like to receive. Many showed me actual examples of what they receive and I was amazed that THEY DIDN'T LIKE the majority of what they received. Guess where the one's they disliked went? That's right - the trash! An amazing thing happened when I started getting the right stuff to the right people at the right times of the year…I became flooded with calls and emails for bookings!
  • Which Conferences You Can Attend for Maximum Exposure and Which Not to Attend.
  • How to Set the Right Fees So Your Calendar Can be Flooded With Bookings.
  • How You Can Get 3-5 Spin-off Talks From a Talk.
  • Which of Your Products Students & Staff Will Buy Most.
  • One Simple E-mail Strategy That Can Get You New Bookings and Can Get You Rebooked Every Year.
  • Which Topics Are Most Booked and Why.
  • The One Association List to Use with 6,000+Members Who Can Book You for Staff Development Trainings.

"I'm going to Reveal ALL of My Personal
Secrets That I NEVER Reveal Like"…

  • How I got paid $2,500 for a 5-Minute Talk. (No, this is not a misprint...only a 5-minute talk!)
  • How I Talked at One Conference and Turned It Into 30+ Bookings...and How YOU Can Too! (I still get talks from that conference and was just booked to keynote it again!)
  • How You Can Sell Your Books, Audios, T-Shirts, etc., from the Stage Without Taking Away From Your Presentation and Without Seeming Like You're Selling Products. You'll actually hear a recording of me on stage in front of a live audience so you can hear exactly what I say...and it only takes 1-minute...and I'll give you a word-for-word script so you can repeat exactly what I say! (All you have to do is memorize it!)
  • The One Simple Letter I Use to Increase my Product Sales BEFORE I Even Go to Speak. (Recently, this letter brought me over $11,000 in Product Sales 4-Months BEFORE the event & ANOTHER $13,000 8-Months AFTER another event...that's a total of $24,000 in product sales BEFORE and AFTER the events. And they were ordered via fax!...You Will Learn Exactly How You Can Do This...It's Really Easy!)
  • How I Sell Tons of Products to Audience Members Months AFTER I've Talked at Their College or Conference... You will learn exactly how YOU can do this!
  • How I Earn $800-$2,000 EXTRA Just for Referring Other Speakers for Talks I Can't Do...and how YOU can too!
  • Which Two Simple Incentives I Use That Get Me Booked Over Other Speakers. (You'll learn how YOU can make yourself seem so irresistible that event coordinators just have to book you!)
  • The One Unique Strategy That Got Me 40+ Talks Booked When I First Started Marketing to Colleges. (I still use this same strategy today for filling my calendar with college, youth and corporate talks...I'll walk you through this simple strategy, step-by-step, so YOU can use it to flood your calendar with bookings!)

…And too Many Other Strategies to List!!!

"Better Than a $15,000 Speaker Training!"

Dusty Robertson

"The Boot Camp is one of the BEST things I've done!
I recently spent $15,000 on speaker training and I should have attended this first!"

-Dusty Robertson (Orlando, FL)



"NFL Football Player Says It's the BEST"

Fred Stokes

"Coming to this Boot Camp was the greatest thing that has happened to me in my speaking career! Don't miss out on this Boot Camp!"

-Fred Stokes (Vidalia, GA) Played 10 years in the NFL
Superbowl XXVI Champion with the Washington Redskins



"Save You From Making Major Mistakes!"

Michael Extreme Mike McKellar

"This was one of the most AWESOME seminars I've ever taken!...Extremely informative! Unbelievable!
The one thing I've gotten more than anything is that I learned I've been doing a lot of things wrong and how I can simply change them to doing a lot of things right!"

-Michael "Extreme Mike"McKellar (Atlanta, GA)
Emmy Nominated TV Personality • NSA Member Referred by Tom Antion (Top Internet Marketer
for Speakers)


Note: The average result is $0.00 because most people do not apply James' strategies and do not get off their 'assets.'

Special Teen Session

Bonus Session: James Malinchak

"How to Make Big Money Speaking
to Youth and Educators"

 James Malinchak's College Speaking Success Boot Camp

I'm going to teach you, step-by-step, how I turned a $2,500 youth speaking engagement into a $33,000 deal so you can do the same...(and that was only one of three deals!) You'll receive several sample marketing pieces that you can use as models so you can receive a ton of bookings! You’ll also get my private resource of over 500+ youth organizations that I personally use to get bookings!

James has talked at some of the largest youth conferences in America.

This Will Be The BEST Money Making Speaker
Marketing Boot Camp You Will EVER Attend! This
Is NOT Some Boring, Sit-In-Some Stuffy Hotel
Room, While "Falling Asleep" Type of Seminar!

You’re Going To Laugh and Have a GREAT Time While Learning Strategies That Will Instantly Put Money In Your Pockets!

Special Celebrity Guests and Friends

Special Note: Celebrity speakers scheduled to appear subject to change without notice.

Professor Joe Martin

Author of “Good Teachers Never Quit” and America’s #1
Educator Motivator

Topics: How to Get Booked Speaking or Grades K-12 & How to Triple Your Speaking ncome in 90 Minutes Speaking for Youth!

Jonathan Sprinkles

Former National
College Speaker
of the Year

Topic: How to Connect With Every College or Youth Audience & Create Bookings

Julie Carrier

America’s #1 Speaker for Teen Girls and speaks for groups of 200-20,000+

Topic: How Julie Gets Paid $3,000-$10,000 Speaking for Educators & Youth

Travis Brown

America’s Anti-Bullying Coach known as "Mr. Mojo"

Topic: Getting Sponsors to Fund Your Speaking


Jerome Carter

America’s School District Speaker

Topic: Getting County Offices to Fund Your Speaking for Entire School Districts

Danny Brassell

America’s Leading Reading Ambassador

Topic: 3 Sources of Funding for the Education Market You Probably Never Thought Of

Joe Theismann

Former NFL World Champion & Current NFL Football Analyst

Topic: Be a World Champion Speaker (lessons from 26 Years of Successful Speaking)

Adam Ace

Time National College Comedian of the Year

Topic: How Adam Built his Career from No Bookings to being booked at over 500 Colleges!


Mike Super

Winner of NBC’s Hit TV Show Phenomenon

Topic: How Mike Went From No Bookings to 6-Time Campus Entertainer of the Year


Donna Rippley

Over 36 Years of Adminis- tration Experience in the Education Market

Eric Lambert

Founder & CEO of APCA (Association for the Promotion of Campus Activities)


Kevin Reisenauer

Over 20 Years of Booking Speakers for State, Regional & National Events

Matt Foley
Jonathan Sprinkles
James Malinchak's College Speaking Success Boot Camp
Las Vegas Show

Chris Farley impersonator Paul Heier entertaining James & the attendees at a recent Boot Camp with his hilarious Saturday Night Live skit of Motivational Speaker Matt Foley (aka, "I Live In a Van Down By the River")


Guest speaker Jonathan Sprinkles got all the attendees fired up with his entertaining & informative teaching style.

At the Boot Camp you will laugh, learn & be inspired! Here, James & a Boot Camp attendee take a break to entertain the audience with a humorous exercise that also taught a unique marketing money making strategy!

At the Boot Camp you’ll get to network with some of the world’s top speakers, authors, trainers, coaches consultants & marketers. Here, James took attendees who attended the recent Boot Camp to see the top Las Vegas Show, Cirque du Soleil – "O"

"Absolutely the BEST Speaker Training EVER!"

Dion Jordan

"As I'm writing the check for the Boot Camp registration,
I thought to myself, ‘This is NOT enough money for what James has taught me and the amount of money he has saved me!"

The Boot Camp was ABSOLUTELY the BEST Speaker Training Ever! I'm referring 4-other speakers for your next Boot Camp!"

-Dion Jordan (Portland, OR)
Has Appeared on the Oprah Winfrey Show


"Worth Every Cent of the Fee!"

Tony Magee

When you come to this Boot Camp it's the REAL
deal and it's worth every cent of the fee and worth every moment of your time!

Finally, someone who speaks the TRUTH about speaking and how to make serious money!"

Forget about all of those other people who basically leave you unfulfilled. James is a GURU with a very real system for making a ton of money speaking in ANY market!

James' Boot Camp pays for itself 20 times over!"

-Tony Magee (Los Angeles, CA) (Referred by Jonathan Sprinkles)

"EVERY Speaker Needs to Attend!"

Nita  Scoggan

"I went to THREE Boot Camps and they just keep getting better! This is something EVERY speaker needs to attend!…Extremely Valuable!"

-Nita Scoggan (Bedford, IN) • NSA Member


Note: The average result is $0.00 because most people do not apply James' strategies and do not get off their 'assets.'

Learn From Somebody Who has Been There, Done That
and Still Doing it Today!

The fact is, other speakers have called me the first and the leading authority in the world on teaching about the college speaking market...and, I'm very honored they feel that what I teach is changing peoples’ lives and showing them how to become a Big Money Speaker®. I now share my system with other speakers because, over the past 15+ years, I've received numerous calls and emails from speakers asking me to help them.

I know that my strategies will work for you! Why? Because I have a 'system' that works and it's validated by many testimonials from numerous speakers just like you that I've helped!

Also, my 'system' has worked for me for 15+ years...long before I ever began teaching it to other speakers...and I still use it today for myself, which is VERY important because you want to learn from someone who is STILL DOING IT TODAY!

But don't take my word for it, there's a reason all the speakers I've helped, and most of the top college speakers, rave about the information (see their personal testimonials above and below).

And, there's a reason why several of the top, most respected speakers in the world endorse and attach their names to my work...

"What Top Speakers Are Saying"

Dottie Walters"James Malinchak is quickly becoming one of the top speakers in America. Follow his advice if you want to jump-start your success!"

-Dottie Walters, Author of Speak & Grow Rich, Publisher/Editor of the Top Speakers' magazine, Sharing Ideas

Jack Canfield"James Malinchak's strategies have the power to change lives!"

-Jack Canfield, Co-creator of Chicken Soup for the Soul & Author of The Success Principles

Brian Tracy

"James Malinchak is one of the most positive and entertaining speakers on success and achievement to appear in many years!"

-Brian Tracy, Best-selling Author, Psychology of Selling


Nido Qubein"James Malinchak is a superb communicator, an energetic speaker and an excellent consultant. His ideas are practical and proven!"

-Nido Qubein, CPAE, CSP & Chairman of the National Speakers Association (NSA) Foundation Board of Trustees · Chairman of the Board of Great Harvest Bread Company

Joe Theismann"James Malinchak has given you the tools to unlock some of the closed doors of the business world. His strategies could be the key to your success!"

-Joe Theismann, speaker & author · Former Super Bowl Champion Quarterback (Washington Redskins) · current ESPN Football Analyst

Peter Vidmar"James Malinchak scores a perfect 10 with every word. His strategies will help you to reach beyond your potential and turn on your achievement switch!"

-Peter Vidmar, Olympic Gold Medal Gymnast


Rudy Ruettiger"James Malinchak will motivate and inspire you to exceed your potential. Follow his advice if you want to reach the next level!"

-Rudy Ruettiger · the Inspiration Behind the Blockbuster Movie "RUDY"


"A Friend & Mentor for Life!"

Susie Gallucci

"James Malinchak is a man of character; a man that people can look up to and aspire to be like. He completely over delivers in every area and if you go to this Boot Camp you will not only meet James Malinchak the man, but you will have a friend and mentor for life!"  

-Susie Gallucci (Colorado Springs, CO)
Attended 3 Boot Camps


Note: The average result is $0.00 because most people do not apply James' strategies and do not get off their 'assets.'

This Will Be the BEST Big Money Speaker®
Boot Camp You'll EVER Attend...Guaranteed!

Okay James, So What's the Cost for Attending
This Incredible Boot Camp?

"Worth 10 Times the Amount!"

Tim Piccirillo

"This seminar was worth 10 times the amount! There were literally hundreds of marketing ideas that work well in the college market, but also any speaking market…It's just a phenomenal seminar…I learned a long time ago if you're going to break into a new market, learn from the best…and James is the best!

Anybody who doesn't come to a James Malinchak Speaking Boot Camp, should have their head examined!"

-Tim Piccirillo (Ridgway, PA) • NSA Member

Note: The average result is $0.00 because most people do not apply James' strategies and do not get off their 'assets.'

Attending This Boot Camp Isn't Cheap Because I'm
"Spilling-the-Beans" on Everything...After Attending
This Weekend Boot Camp You'll Know Everything You Need
to Know to Put Yourself on the Big Money Speaker® FAST-TRACK Speaking at Colleges and in ANY Speaking Market...You WILL NOT Learn This Stuff Anywhere Else!

This Boot Camp is ONLY for those who are serious! The potential payoff from quickly learning this stuff in one measly weekend can be worth thousands of dollars to you in instant income. My time is very limited as I'm busy speaking and running other businesses. Plus, I'm gathering thousands of stories for a book I'm co-authoring with Jack Canfield and Mark Victor Hansen called, Chicken Soup for the Athlete's Soul. But I committed myself to helping other speakers this weekend and I'm not backing out. However, attending will not be cheap because I don't want people attending who aren't serious. They will be just wasting their time and mine.

"Could Easily Go for $10,000!"

Aaron Davis

"This seminar could easily go for $10,000…easily!
If you land just a few talks you've already paid for it. The information James provides is priceless and WILL MAKE YOU A LOT OF MONEY!

James is literally giving away tens-of-thousands of dollars of information for a price that you just can't beat…you won't beat!…he's giving it away!…so I would HIGHLY recommend it!

If you come to this Boot Camp, guaranteed YOU WILL MAKE thousands of dollars in engagements if you apply what he talks about!"

-Aaron Davis (Lincoln, NE) • NSA Member

Note: The average result is $0.00 because most people do not apply James' strategies and do not get off their 'assets.'

Speakers who attended the last Boot Camp (see testimonials above and below) tell me I'm crazy for offering all this information at the low fees I've come up with.

I wish there was someone who offered this type of FAST-START Boot Camp for the College Market when I began. Knowing what I know now, even if it were a stretch, I wouldn't have hesitated paying $10,000.00 to learn everything I needed to know in ONE WEEKEND. Considering the $30,000+ (of money that I didn't have) I virtually wasted on mistakes, learning the information for only $10,000.00 would have been a steal.

The registration fees are actually extremely reasonable considering everything that you
.....again, speakers who attended the last Boot Camps have been telling me I'm crazy for offering ALL this information at these low fees.  And, we've made it even easier for you. We'll even allow you to pay in two monthly installment payments.

If you're serious then I REALLY want you attending this Boot Camp because I know it will change your life and put you on the right track to become a Big Money Speaker®...that's why I offer a MORE-THAN-YOUR-MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE...re-read the testimonials from past attendees...they were all cautious before registering, but after they attended, they ALL agreed it was the BEST investment in their speaking career they ever made...and I guarantee YOU WILL FEEL THE SAME after you've attended!

"Worth $50,000!"

Tim Cusack

"I am way more critical than you can imagine. Every cent
I spent on attending the Boot Camp is very value-oriented and I think the price of the Boot Camp should increase because it's REALLY worth it!"

-Tim Cusack (Grand Rapids, MI)
NSA Member
(pictured with wife Anne)


"Worth $50,000!"

Sandra Aker

"James' Boot Camp is worth at least $50,000 to my business!

Don't sit there and procrastinate. Sign up! You won't regret it and will be thankful that you did!”

-Sandra Aker (San Clemente, CA)



Jack Canfield says:
"It's Worth More Than Anything You Will Pay for It!"

"I want to strongly endorse James Malinchak's Boot Camp and encourage you to attend!.....It's worth more than anything you will ever pay for it!.....

It's an amazing experience!.....If this cost what it is worth, no one would be able to afford it!....There's so much information and so much practical knowledge that is applicable instantly!.....It's not inspiration.....it's not hype.....it's nuts-and-bolts training to help you double and triple your impact!

If you're thinking about taking this training, stop thinking, sign up and enroll now and in a year from now you're going to be thanking me and everyone else who told you to come here!

So do it now!"

Click Above to Watch Jack
James Malinchak and Jack Canfield

-Jack Canfield (Co-Creator of the #1 Best-selling book series Chicken Soup for
the Soul) and his recent Best-seller, The Success Principles, and Star of the Movie The Secret, teaching Speakers at a recent College Speaking Success Boot Camp.

Note: The average result is $0.00 because most people do not apply James' strategies and do not get off their 'assets.'


The College Speaking Success Boot Camp will be held at the Concourse Hotel At Los Angeles International Airport. Located a mere 4 blocks from Los Angeles International Airport (LAX), and close to all the Los Angeles area beaches and attractions, the Westin Los Angeles Airport is the perfect place to conduct business while finding time to relax and get away to all the splendor of the "City of Angels."

We have arranged for a special rate block of rooms, which are available on a first-come, first-serve basis. Once the limited number of rooms are reserved you will have to pay the higher rates...if a room is even available.

Call in reservation: 1-800-937-8461 (1-800-Westin-1 )

Group Code is James Malinchak International, Inc (JMII)


2016 James Malinchak Speakers Boot Camp
Priority Registration Form for
July 14-17, 2016 The Concourse Hotel at LAX
Airport Los Angeles, CA


Check boxYes James, I'd be crazy to miss out on this fantastic opportunity. I'm tired of wasting time and money trying to figure out how to become a Big Money Speaker® at Colleges and in the Youth market! I'm tired of struggling and know there's got to be an easier way.

Given the fact that I'll learn everything I need to know to put me on the FAST-TRACK to Big Money Speaker® status in the College and the Youth markets ...and, given the fact that you are offering me a MORE-THAN-YOUR-MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE.

Given the fact that I get thousands of dollars in FREE Bonuses...and, given the fact that I'll get to Attend the Special BIG MONEY SPEAKER Bonus Sessions...and, given the fact that I also Get to Hear Some Incredible Guest Speakers…count me in...I'm coming to Los Angeles for the Boot Camp!"

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James Malinchak's College Speaking Success Boot Camp Yes! James, I want to invest in my speaking career. Sign me up for the next Boot Camp (July 14-17, 2016 The Concourse Hotel at LAX Airport Los Angeles, CA). Since I am acting now, I will invest only $2,997 $1,097. My enrollment also includes access to your highly-popular, exclusive networking lunch buffets on Thursday, Friday & Saturday!

Here's are just a few of the Bonuses you'll receive for enrolling now:

  • Bonus #1: ($1,000.00 Value) - James Malinchak's Secret Marketing Binders with all of the pre-written contracts, sample marketing materials, forms to pre-sell tons of products, etc. Binders are received at Boot Camp.

Because you're applying now, you'll also
receive the following Bonus absolutely FREE:

  • Fast Action Bonus : PLUS!! - You can make your Boot Camp investment in 2 easy investments (see below).
  • Super Bonus: PLUS!! PLUS!! - You can also bring a friend at a significant discount (which will almost cut your already low investment in half!) We will waive the standard registration rate of $1,097 and you can bring a friend for only $97, which grants them access to the Boot Camp AND admission to our extremely popular networking lunches, where they can network with other successful Speakers, Authors, Trainers, Coaches, Consultants, Experts, Entrepreneurs, Internet Marketers & Info-preneurs!)
James Malinchak's College Speaking Success Boot Camp

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or have additional questions, contact my team at:
(702) 949-6047 or James Malinchak's College Speaking Success Boot Camp

"The BEST…Worth More Than Fee!"

Bill Swetmon

"The 3-ring binder that James put together, along with the handouts alone, is worth more than the registration fee!

I've been in the speaking industry for several years and have been to a lot of conferences. This is by far the BEST I've EVER ATTENDED!

There are SO many great ideas…I have about 3 or 4 that are going to make me quite a bit of money!"

-Bill Swetmon (Dallas, TX) • NSA Member

Note: The average result is $0.00 because most people do not apply James' strategies and do not get off their 'assets.'

One Final Message To You…

I debated about whether to close this letter with what I'm about to mention. But I decided to do it and because I sincerely believe what I'm about to state.

I have paid to attend more seminars and bought more home study courses than you can ever imagine. And, I will tell you this. What I will teach you in this 3-day Boot Camp are the BEST Big Money Speaker®Marketing ideas that you will ever learn!

Why? Because, I will not BS you (like so many others do) with that BS line:

"Dream big and you'll be on your way to creating a successful speaking career!"

That's a bunch of crap and whoever is telling you that stuff (especially if you're paying them your hard-earned money) is full of crap! You can "dream big" as much as you want, but that doesn't get your mortgage paid…or your electric bill paid…or your heating bill paid…or your "whatever" bill paid!

At my Boot Camp, you will learn one thing, and one thing only:

"How to Get Booked More and How to Become a Big Money Speaker®!"

I will put this Boot Camp up against anybody's seminar in the world! (Did you hear me? In the world!) This does not come from arrogance, but from confidence. But don't take my word for it. Don't you think there's a reason ALL of the speakers above consistently say this is the BEST information you will ever learn?

But don't take my word for it. Don't you think there's a reason ALL of the speakers above consistently say this is the BEST information you will ever learn!

You are going to work just as hard whether you make a decent amount of money or you become a Big Money Speaker®! So, if you're going to work just as hard either way, then why not Become a Big Money Speaker®! You can, but you must first learn the recipe! I guarantee you that nobody will ever teach you what you'll learn in my Boot Camp.

With everything you receive for attending this Boot Camp, registering is a no-brainer. Don't put this off any longer. Do it right now...immediately, while it's fresh on your mind. If you leave because you want to "think about it," then you'll go right back into the same old routine and you may never 'go to a higher level of income. If you choose to procrastinate you'll be sorry! Plus, you have nothing to lose because I'm giving you my iron-clad 100% More-Than-Your-Money-Back Guarantee!

Let me show you how can book more talks and become a Big Money Speaker®! You can do it, and you can do it now!

To your wealth,

James Malinchak's College Speaking Success Boot Camp

"I Was Skeptical - But Then I Was Blown Away!"

James Green

"As a New Yorker I am a skeptic. I was skeptical coming here, but I have to tell you that I have learned more here about marketing and publicity than I ever thought I would.

I have been BLOWN AWAY and I would HIGHLY RECOMMEND and Program that James does!"

-James Green (Shoreham, NY)


"AWESOME…Actual 'How To' Steps!"

Justin Lookadoo

"I've been through just about every seminar there is talking about 'how to'...but nobody actually tells you how to do anything! This was AWESOME about actual practical steps ...just going down 1-2-3...this worked...this didn't work...just incredible stuff about actually 'how to' so we can walk out, and instead of just thinking about it, we can actually do something...it's AWESOME!"

-Justin Lookadoo (Nashville, TN) • NSA Member


"No Question…Well Worth It!"

Marshall Miller

"Things have been going REALLY well since the Boot Camp. Next semester will be our BUSIEST EVER! We frequently refer back to what we learned in the Boot Camp. In fact, we even adopted a phrase we often refer to when we're faced with a business decision: WWJD (What Would James Do?)

There is absolutely NO question the Boot Camp investment was well worth it. James is truly willing to open his mind, his books and his heart to share what he's learned about how to be successful in the speaking industry.

I've told James that if he EVER has a skeptical potential attendee, tell them to talk to me before deciding not to attend!"

-Marshall Miller (Albany, NY) Sex and Relationship Educator

Note: The average result is $0.00 because most people do not apply James' strategies and do not get off their 'assets.'